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I want to thank everyone who supported me throughout this election.  We had a tremendous team of volunteers throughout the state.  Whether you were putting up signs, working on mailings, raising money, or organizing community meet and greets, I am truly humbled by your support and dedication to my campaign.   I am also incredibly grateful for all of the financial contributions I received in support of my candidacy for Governor.  

I also want to acknowledge the dedication and efforts by my campaign staff and interns who worked tirelessly in support of my campaign and for the future of our great state.

Although the results last night were not what we hoped for, we cannot lose sight of what is at stake.   We have come too far and made too much progress turning this state around to watch it all rolled back by a democrat in the Blaine House.    We cannot return to the days of higher taxes, more welfare, and budgets awash in red ink.  

It is the Republican Party that will support working families.  It is the Republican Party that will respect and appreciate job creators in this state.  And it is the Republican Party that wants hard-working Mainers to keep more of their paychecks in their pockets.  As Republicans we need to come together to make sure that every voter in Maine understands that our vision is the right vision for Maine.

I am committed to helping deliver that message.   Let’s work together and elect Shawn Moody this fall to be Maine’s next Governor and to support Republican majorities in the Legislature.  

Thank you,

Mary Mayhew